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Mrs. CEO Day Three

31 Oct

Mrs. CEO Day Three of the marathon right in the middle of the line! We are still going on the extravagant continuation on the luxurious style of this professional. A CEO lady is a powerful role and all CEOs need their night looks. Enjoy these pieces for the after work parties with a glass of Mo√ęt. This look is sophisticated yet style packed!

Quote of the day:

Take life by the horns and have no regrets.







Mrs. CEO Day One

28 Oct

Mrs. CEO Day One is the first day, the commencement, of a five-day marathon of women in power outfits. We picked the CEO because she is on top of the pyramid. To start this marathon off we have a few accessories that are boss worthy swank. With pumps and a briefcase from Tom Ford. Sexy Bottega Veneta shades to shield your face. A deep red Tartan check scarf to keep the cold at bay. Let us not forget the final piece of the day, a plus Lanvin fox fur scarf!
Piece of advice:

Dress for the job you want , not the one you have.







Sand Love Face Paint

23 Apr

Sandy times are soon to come, if not already here for some! (Jealous! Lucky bitches!) for those who are far from the shores and care to dream. For those who live only steps from the beach. I pay homage to those days tanning along. There is a look here for those who are tanned, golden or bronze. NARS has the beat, sing along. Furthermore, I have a scent I am sure you’ll adore. This is all a courtesy of a genius by the name, Tom Ford. Fear not! There is but a polish that goes with this too it’s a sea foamy green from Butter, who knew?