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20th Time: March 2014

20 Mar

Here are my top 3 picks for 20th Time: March 2014. Every 20th of the month I will be releasing three picks that have caught my eye on the latest fashion trends coming. This month I feel like I’m in a Candy Crush game with all the candy hues everywhere! These picks are so delicious it’s hard not to take a bite!








March Must-Haves 2014

12 Mar

March Must-Haves 2014 these pieces are absolutely necessary to add to your spring wardrobe. I for one, can’t stop spending on fashion but I don’t believe anyone should go broke over trying to dress themselves. Everyone should live within their means. For anyone who is budget conscious it’s not just about finding inexpensive clothing but also ones that can last awhile. So we need affordable yet not cheap quality clothing, that is a tall order to fill! SosoGlitter found pieces for budget conscious chikas.

First off is this floral dress from Zara. It is so on trend for this season and only $79.90.


Bags can be tricky. If you want a quality that will last leather is definitely the way to go. This bag by Dooney & Bourke leather crossbody bag is an affordable $168.00 and has me dreaming of summer!


Is it a shirt or is it a dress? I love breezy versatile shirtdresses that can be played up with heels or played down with leggings and flats. Try this one on from Zara it will cost you $79.90!


I can’t get over these adorable American Apparel shoes! These Mary Jane pink glitter shoes are adorable and only $95.00 inexpensive for a shoe that can be warn just about anywhere!


Need a skirt? Something flirty and fun? Don’t look any further –from Zara yet again for only $25.90! Run to the store now before they are all gone!


River Island Clothing is a great company that has such fashionable pieces at an affordable price. This adorable dress is only $50.00 and is as sweet as a piece of cake.


Hope you enjoyed these budget friendly pieces! Let me know in the comments

what company overall provides the best bang for your buck?

The Coach You Don’t Know You Love

7 Nov

The Coach You Don’t Know You Love are the beautiful pieces coach has to offer that are not handbags, satchels, clutches, totes, wristlets, and wallets. Let us face the facts: I do not know a single woman that does not have one of these pieces from the iconic Coach.
Although these items are gorgeous and absolutely deserve their popularity there is a large selection that is unknown to the average woman. I am here to educate and let those women know there are other fabulous pieces from this house.

Enjoy this sampling and you can check out more items on their website

Happy exploring!








Mrs. CEO Day Four

1 Nov

Mrs. CEO Day Four and we continue. Today is about pieces that complete a wardrobe for a Mrs.CEO. These are her go-to pieces for work or play. Wear them as you please 😉

Quote of the day:

Sitting money is stupid money.






Summer is GONE

25 Sep

Summer is GONE. As the new season is upon us we grasp into the past and try to reach summer. It escapes our fingertips. Yet, the fall is a season filled with beautiful fashion pieces. We get to wear our cute booties again. Once more, that favourite leather jacket sees the light of day from deep within the closet. Also, those beautiful, pattern-filled scarfs make there way around our necks.

Fall 2013, is a fashion season that is still gripping onto summer with many designers paying homage to very delicate pastels. Embrace the fact that summer has departed and make strut forward, booties and all, into the Fall!






Skirt Love

7 May

Summer feels like it’s here! Skirt season! Been wondering without taking into account price or brand which of these skirts would you buy? I can’t seem to make up my mind! 🙂 💖