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A Sneaker Story

27 Mar

A Sneaker Story is but a tale of a kid who had a wish. The kid wished for the greatest kicks. Ones that all the others envied, one that drove them mad, and crazy. But that wish was not fulfilled. No it was not. So what happened when that kid grew up? The adult bought the kicks that made everyone’s jaw drop.

Be a jaw dropper.

Make them envious in these kicks.








March Must-Haves 2014

12 Mar

March Must-Haves 2014 these pieces are absolutely necessary to add to your spring wardrobe. I for one, can’t stop spending on fashion but I don’t believe anyone should go broke over trying to dress themselves. Everyone should live within their means. For anyone who is budget conscious it’s not just about finding inexpensive clothing but also ones that can last awhile. So we need affordable yet not cheap quality clothing, that is a tall order to fill! SosoGlitter found pieces for budget conscious chikas.

First off is this floral dress from Zara. It is so on trend for this season and only $79.90.


Bags can be tricky. If you want a quality that will last leather is definitely the way to go. This bag by Dooney & Bourke leather crossbody bag is an affordable $168.00 and has me dreaming of summer!


Is it a shirt or is it a dress? I love breezy versatile shirtdresses that can be played up with heels or played down with leggings and flats. Try this one on from Zara it will cost you $79.90!


I can’t get over these adorable American Apparel shoes! These Mary Jane pink glitter shoes are adorable and only $95.00 inexpensive for a shoe that can be warn just about anywhere!


Need a skirt? Something flirty and fun? Don’t look any further –from Zara yet again for only $25.90! Run to the store now before they are all gone!


River Island Clothing is a great company that has such fashionable pieces at an affordable price. This adorable dress is only $50.00 and is as sweet as a piece of cake.


Hope you enjoyed these budget friendly pieces! Let me know in the comments

what company overall provides the best bang for your buck?

Damn Those Shoes

10 Mar

Damn Those Shoes are hot for spring/summer 2014. From Dolce to MK florals have attacked not only clothing but footwear. Get ready for a garden rush on your feet. Take a second to smell the roses with this Mediterranean look that is so classic and romantic!






Barbie Love

18 Oct

Barbie Love. What girl didn’t have a Barbie growing up? I loved dressed mine in different outfits and creating story plots! This post is about taking that love you had as a child of Barbie and cranking it up to a grown up level!
I have selected a few of these pieces you can wear them altogether to create a Barbie Halloween costume. The other option is wearing them separately to give your outfit a touch of Barbie 😉

Who doesn’t know that Barbie is made out of plastic?

Barbie’s shoes! She does everything in heels 😉

This bag is too small for her to fit her tiny dog into, but it’s soooo adorable!

You have to dress to impress 😉

Candy coloured nails and lips! I love it when they match!


Finishing touch of sparkle for a date night with Ken 💋❤️


Slim-tember: Foot Gear

9 Sep

Slim-tember: Foot Gear. The shoes are hear, so get your workout on. These pieces are in neon. This trend gives out feet a burst of color when on and gives our spirits the extra push! So even when working out, these shoes keep you in style. 😉

Cardio Tips: good cardio workouts including swimming, jogging and biking. These are exercises that a lot of us have access to. Of course there are many more cardio workouts. You must find at least one you enjoy doing. When your doing an exercise you enjoy your more likely to strict to your plan because it is pleasurable for you instead of torturous. You need to have that mindset to succeed! Stay on it!

This month’s workout, is next month’s body!


NAKED: Nude Shoes

19 Jun

Here are same shoes that are NAKED: Nude Shoes in hue. These bare coloured shoes leave us wanting more. There is one to wear for every occasion! My personal favourite is the Nicholas Kirkwood pump! What is your favourite naked look? 😉 🙂


WSquared: Working Woman: Shoes: Spring 2013

3 Jun

The Wsquared: The Working Woman. The woman who takes no bullshit. She loves fashion and sacrifices pain for beauty in a heartbeat. The Working Woman that wear heels all day and night are but one of a kind! These are some fine pickings to add to these Wsquared’s closets! 😉