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A Sneaker Story

27 Mar

A Sneaker Story is but a tale of a kid who had a wish. The kid wished for the greatest kicks. Ones that all the others envied, one that drove them mad, and crazy. But that wish was not fulfilled. No it was not. So what happened when that kid grew up? The adult bought the kicks that made everyone’s jaw drop.

Be a jaw dropper.

Make them envious in these kicks.








Gold Affair

3 May

Gold to adorn you for the big night! You look like a princess! Oh what a sight! 😉 let others look and admire in despair! For perhaps the prince attending will give you a stare 💖💖💖!


Golden Chic: Eating Caviar in The Afternoon

8 Apr

Golden chic outfit. When gazing upon this outfit it is clear we see not just an outfit, but a scenario unfold. A beautiful woman sitting on a terrace on quiet little downtown street corner. Although, she is in the city, there seems to be this silence surrounding her as she and her friends chat on about their lives. People walking back can’t help but notice her beauty, sophistication and grace. She is one of opulence and luxury. Sipping on her vodka and eating her black caviar she is a sight. That is a golden chic woman.