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March Must-Haves 2014

12 Mar

March Must-Haves 2014 these pieces are absolutely necessary to add to your spring wardrobe. I for one, can’t stop spending on fashion but I don’t believe anyone should go broke over trying to dress themselves. Everyone should live within their means. For anyone who is budget conscious it’s not just about finding inexpensive clothing but also ones that can last awhile. So we need affordable yet not cheap quality clothing, that is a tall order to fill! SosoGlitter found pieces for budget conscious chikas.

First off is this floral dress from Zara. It is so on trend for this season and only $79.90.


Bags can be tricky. If you want a quality that will last leather is definitely the way to go. This bag by Dooney & Bourke leather crossbody bag is an affordable $168.00 and has me dreaming of summer!


Is it a shirt or is it a dress? I love breezy versatile shirtdresses that can be played up with heels or played down with leggings and flats. Try this one on from Zara it will cost you $79.90!


I can’t get over these adorable American Apparel shoes! These Mary Jane pink glitter shoes are adorable and only $95.00 inexpensive for a shoe that can be warn just about anywhere!


Need a skirt? Something flirty and fun? Don’t look any further –from Zara yet again for only $25.90! Run to the store now before they are all gone!


River Island Clothing is a great company that has such fashionable pieces at an affordable price. This adorable dress is only $50.00 and is as sweet as a piece of cake.


Hope you enjoyed these budget friendly pieces! Let me know in the comments

what company overall provides the best bang for your buck?


Holiday Dresses Part One of Three

27 Nov

Holiday Dresses Part One of Three everyone has holiday parties to attend! Regardless if it is with family, friends, or work everyone has somewhere to go and look fabulous, unless you are a hermit! When you step out for the holidays it is best to look good since there are plentiful amounts of pictures to be taken and memories to be had. Bring yourself to the party in one of these cute numbers !








American Apparel Baby Doll Dress

26 Nov

American Apparel Baby Doll Dress this is a new look I love by a company I adore. I have been wearing American Apparel forever now and love sooooo many pieces from this company. In fact, I believe it is safe to say that 25% of my wardrobe is from there. Their pieces are so versatile for work, chilling or going out. They are also super comfortable that makes me wear them over and over -Did I mention they never wear out? I had a pair of legging from American Apparel that I wore once a week and washed for a year with no signs of wear and tear!?!? Unheard of right?
Now, the baby doll cut dresses are a new look that I am falling in love with. What’s your favourite American Apparel piece?







Shoulder Lean

13 Nov

Shoulder Lean it’s all about exposing the beautiful shoulders. It is a body part that is super underrated for sex appeal. A nice shoulder makes a frame and leads to nice arms!
These dresses are perfect for those winter black-tie events! New Years Eve is next month! Time to think about getting our glam on! 😉






Mrs. CEO Day Three

31 Oct

Mrs. CEO Day Three of the marathon right in the middle of the line! We are still going on the extravagant continuation on the luxurious style of this professional. A CEO lady is a powerful role and all CEOs need their night looks. Enjoy these pieces for the after work parties with a glass of Moët. This look is sophisticated yet style packed!

Quote of the day:

Take life by the horns and have no regrets.






Mrs. CEO Day Two

29 Oct

Mrs. CEO Day Two of the marathon! We are just getting started. What do all CEOs need, exquisite outfits. Ones that are commanding yet fashionable. Mrs. CEOs are trendsetters yet are always appropriate. Here we have a few selections, to commence, an all black outfit curtesy of John Richmond. A beautiful velvet green blazer and pantsuit by DSquared2. It has a young touch to it. We have from Dolce and Gabbana a black dress that can easily transition into a night look. After this, Lisa Perry offers a concentric square dress that has a very appealing pattern to it. Last but not least is a Donna Karen New York dress with long sleeves super sophisticated!

Quote of the day:

Your money should always be making you money.






Barbie Love

18 Oct

Barbie Love. What girl didn’t have a Barbie growing up? I loved dressed mine in different outfits and creating story plots! This post is about taking that love you had as a child of Barbie and cranking it up to a grown up level!
I have selected a few of these pieces you can wear them altogether to create a Barbie Halloween costume. The other option is wearing them separately to give your outfit a touch of Barbie 😉

Who doesn’t know that Barbie is made out of plastic?

Barbie’s shoes! She does everything in heels 😉

This bag is too small for her to fit her tiny dog into, but it’s soooo adorable!

You have to dress to impress 😉

Candy coloured nails and lips! I love it when they match!


Finishing touch of sparkle for a date night with Ken 💋❤️