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Booties: The Fall Experience

5 Oct

Booties: The Fall Experience. There are many roads and paths one may take in life. Within a single day we carve our own roads that lead us to our short-term and ultimately long-term goals. For every road, there is a possibility of a person walking on it. For each person, they have a choice to make everyday on which shoes they shall wear to reach their goals. The choice is yours. Whether they are thigh highs, quilted, or a velvety material. Flat, kitten or a sky-high stiletto. Take that path and own it in style.









Friday Night: Last Weekend in September

26 Sep

Friday Night: Last Weekend in September. Here is an outfit for Friday night the last week in September. The weather has started to become a bit chilly although, we have some moments of warmth. The dark burgundy of this outfit bring the coziness of fall in, while the shorts are still appropriate for this weather. The booties are something I absolutely miss wearing during the summer so it’s time to break them out! At least you know this Friday you’ll be doing whatever in style! 😉