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Barbie Love

18 Oct

Barbie Love. What girl didn’t have a Barbie growing up? I loved dressed mine in different outfits and creating story plots! This post is about taking that love you had as a child of Barbie and cranking it up to a grown up level!
I have selected a few of these pieces you can wear them altogether to create a Barbie Halloween costume. The other option is wearing them separately to give your outfit a touch of Barbie 😉

Who doesn’t know that Barbie is made out of plastic?

Barbie’s shoes! She does everything in heels 😉

This bag is too small for her to fit her tiny dog into, but it’s soooo adorable!

You have to dress to impress 😉

Candy coloured nails and lips! I love it when they match!


Finishing touch of sparkle for a date night with Ken 💋❤️