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Friday Night: Last Weekend in September

26 Sep

Friday Night: Last Weekend in September. Here is an outfit for Friday night the last week in September. The weather has started to become a bit chilly although, we have some moments of warmth. The dark burgundy of this outfit bring the coziness of fall in, while the shorts are still appropriate for this weather. The booties are something I absolutely miss wearing during the summer so it’s time to break them out! At least you know this Friday you’ll be doing whatever in style! 😉



Summer is GONE

25 Sep

Summer is GONE. As the new season is upon us we grasp into the past and try to reach summer. It escapes our fingertips. Yet, the fall is a season filled with beautiful fashion pieces. We get to wear our cute booties again. Once more, that favourite leather jacket sees the light of day from deep within the closet. Also, those beautiful, pattern-filled scarfs make there way around our necks.

Fall 2013, is a fashion season that is still gripping onto summer with many designers paying homage to very delicate pastels. Embrace the fact that summer has departed and make strut forward, booties and all, into the Fall!






Slim-tember: Inspiration

14 Sep

Slim-tember: inspiration. We all need a little inspiration to get us started or keep us going on our fitness goals. Here are some that have inspired me and hopefully will inspire you! 🙂










Slim-tember: Foot Gear

9 Sep

Slim-tember: Foot Gear. The shoes are hear, so get your workout on. These pieces are in neon. This trend gives out feet a burst of color when on and gives our spirits the extra push! So even when working out, these shoes keep you in style. 😉

Cardio Tips: good cardio workouts including swimming, jogging and biking. These are exercises that a lot of us have access to. Of course there are many more cardio workouts. You must find at least one you enjoy doing. When your doing an exercise you enjoy your more likely to strict to your plan because it is pleasurable for you instead of torturous. You need to have that mindset to succeed! Stay on it!

This month’s workout, is next month’s body!


Slim-tember: At Home Circuit Training

6 Sep

Slim-tember: At Home Circuit Training. These are some moves everyone can do at home to tone up! You don’t need to do all of them. I would pick at least 4 to start! Pick the ones that focus on problem areas you would like to tone up! Do 12-15 reps of each move. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times over 🙂 this is a great way to get started. If you would like to challenge yourself squats can be done with dumbbells. Everyone is different so you should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise plan of any sort! 🙂


Slim-tember: Exercise Clothes

5 Sep

Slim-tember: Exercise Clothes. This month for me is all about fitness and getting toned. For all who wish to join my journey I will be posting all fitness related items! Why not start it off with outfit choices to wear for working out? These pieces are easy to wear and comfortable. Most of them are also really inexpensive as well. Which is great since in a month from now they probably won’t fit you anyways 😉