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The Floral Dresses: Not Your Average Tea Party

28 Jul

The Floral Dresses: Not Your Average Tea Party. These dresses are not the type of floral outfits one would imagine being worn to a tea party. These are eye-catching, jaw-dropping flowers. They are meant to be worn and make your body look like a secret garden. Explore nature with these fashionable pieces. What garden do you most adore? I love my D&G.



Street Chic Tees

12 Jul

These Street Chic Tees are dope as f**k. I imagine finding them in a large, luxurious golden store room with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There are only a few black sleek racks in the store but three times as many black leather couches. These couches are sprawled all over the golden room as opulent as caviar on a golden spoon. Kanye’s tracks fill the room as I glance over at one of the few racks in the store. This one is labelled:

T-Shirts: The Must Buy

Nothing says street style chic more than these chill T-shirts they all are in themselves a piece of art. They are beautifully crafted and each of them were clearly made with a lot of thought. These tops are in a genre of their own! They belong in coveted closets and art museums. Street Chic tees.


Sunglasses Summer Love

1 Jul

Sunglasses Summer Love: we all need them to shield our eyes from the sun! There are some shades that ooze style, luxury and pure sex appeal. These temptations that I have selected are pieces of art. Which pair do you wish to try on? 😉