Archive | May, 2013

Top Thrill

31 May

Tops galore! Some you wear with pants, some shorts and some skirts! This selection has a top for every occasion. From rockin’ it Barbie on vacation. Holographic tees while watching fireworks. Lace tops to adorn you on a romantic dinner. No way we can forget the top that glitters 😉



Hail the Headband

26 May

Here is a thought: hail the headband. Yes. I mean that delicious piece of fabric, metal, crystal, lace or another type of material that adorns your head. It frames your face and decorates your hair. Making you look like a princess! All hail the headband! 😉


Free People Spring

24 May

Free People is sick. These four article are just a small portion of the many beautiful pieces they have available at reasonable prices! Check it out! A must! ;). That dress top right corner will be mine!! 💖💖💖


Spring Purse Power!

22 May

A purse thought! Spring has come and now we have the perfect outfit but we can’t forget that smashing bag to put all our essentials in as we gallivant around town! A bag says a thousand words. What does your bag of choice say. Mine is the red Victoria Beckham mini tote and it says power! 💖💋


Dip into Summer

13 May

Dip into Summer with my latest thoughts! 😉 I put these thoughts together to present a few pieces I find as yummy as an ice cream on a hot summer day 🙂 ! These tiger Free People jeans are so original, they look cool and are definitely a conversation piece. The nail polish by Dior is so each-catching and attention grabbing (not for those who want to be unnoticed) ! Then we have a casual Valentino bad that slouches in all the right ways with an adorable pink bow. Lastly, those rockstar Dior sunglasses. I never want to take them off!!! 💚 Dip into summer with one of these awesome pieces! 😉 💖


Skirt Love

7 May

Summer feels like it’s here! Skirt season! Been wondering without taking into account price or brand which of these skirts would you buy? I can’t seem to make up my mind! 🙂 💖


You Make My Heart Sing

5 May

You Make My Heart Sing outfit is for a special evening. Perhaps it is a wedding, prom or a special date. It is a cute, sexy and a romantic outfit! 🙂 my heart sings for it 💖 does yours? 😉