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Pretty in Pink

28 Apr

Pretty in pink. An outfit that is cute yet still sophisticated. You will feel like a princess πŸ™‚



Summer Fun ;)

25 Apr

Blah. Blaaaaah. Blah blah blah. That is the noises my mother makes when she speaks. After these sounds she makes I run into my room, change into one of these outfits and escape into the summer night. Don’t you want to come?


Sand Love Face Paint

23 Apr

Sandy times are soon to come, if not already here for some! (Jealous! Lucky bitches!) for those who are far from the shores and care to dream. For those who live only steps from the beach. I pay homage to those days tanning along. There is a look here for those who are tanned, golden or bronze. NARS has the beat, sing along. Furthermore, I have a scent I am sure you’ll adore. This is all a courtesy of a genius by the name, Tom Ford. Fear not! There is but a polish that goes with this too it’s a sea foamy green from Butter, who knew?



19 Apr

Baroque style first captivated me from when I saw the chΓ’teau Versailles that Louis XIV commissioned to build. Those luscious prints, colours and strings of gold have enchanted me. The style has manifested itself into glamorous clothing that are fit for any who consider themselves the monarchs of their own lives!


Nicki Minaj Inspired Spring 2013

18 Apr

She Raps. She is an American Idol judge. She’s bold. She is a massive star. You can lover get or hate her but you cannot deny that Nicki Minaj definitely has personal style. From all her wigs, to her 6inch heels, to the bold colours that adorn her. There is something about her that just screams Barbie. Maybe the cosmetic surgeries have given me a bit of that persuasion. Regardless, she is beautiful and no one else is like her! πŸ’–


Price Cut: One Look Two Tags

12 Apr

Have you ever seen a fashion whether it was in a magazine, on a runway or in a window display and fall in love? Of course you have…
This outfit pays homage to a look that has my head spinning (along with the price tag(5,795$ total) and its more affordable counterpart (200$ total). I put the more expensive look together and realized the price tag. Then I tried to put together something more affordable. I am but a sucker for luxurious things…
Although, for those of you that still can’t resist the expensive one may your bank account beware!! πŸ˜‰



Wsquared: Working Woman

11 Apr

Wsquared: Working Woman. These outfit selections are for woman who are the fashion emperors of their workspace. Who trump all others in the style department, as well as, in the work environment. These are for the strong, smart and charming woman. These choices are for the Wsquared πŸ˜‰